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December 2023


The SEEDS Think-Tank 2023 is the PHYSICAL event that  focused on catalyzing Africa's economic growth and entrepreneurship impact through the contribution of its diaspora.

 The event, held on December 2, 2023, highlighted the challenges in African startup funding, with only 1.2% of global funding raised in 2022. The panel discussion addressed issues such as funding disparities in French-speaking countries, sector-specific funding challenges, gender imbalances, and the potential of local resources.

Four collaborative work sessions explored how the African diaspora ecosystem could unite for a more significant entrepreneurship impact, focusing on technologies, finances, resources, competences, and authorities and regulations.

Key outcomes about the SEEDS Think-Tank 2023 are outlined in our blog article titled "CATALYZING AFRICA'S ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IMPACT" by Steve Pentang.

These key outcomes included recommendations to focus on sustainable energy in the technologies sector, raising awareness of energy consumption, and creating a platform for information and education. In finances, efforts were directed towards raising awareness, diversifying investments, and fostering a real network. The resources and competences session emphasized customer-oriented approaches, exploring unused potential, and reinforcing mentoring programs. The authorities and regulations group highlighted the importance of understanding legal frameworks and creating regulations to attract more investment.

The event concluded with a networking session, fostering meaningful connections among participants. The main takeaways, that can be found here, included actionable ideas and solutions to amplify the impact of the African diaspora on entrepreneurship in Africa. The success of the event laid the foundation for future initiatives and collaborations, with participants expressing enthusiasm for the transformative insights gained. 

Stay tuned for the next SEEDS Think Tank the next year!


March 2020

SEEDS THINK-TANK - germany, munich, 27 march 2021

This is the LIVE + DIGITAL event that shared the lessons learned of the NABIKO mentoring program 2019/2020.




Nothing can replace human interaction, but the power of online allowed us to bring details of SEEDS activities to the diaspora and share lessons learned from the NABIKO mentoring program 2019/2020 around the world.

The SEEDS network hosted the Think Tank 2021, a live-digital conference held under the theme of “Innovative startup mentoring in Africa from the diaspora”. This event engaged leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and relevant key players as they discussed the bridging factors for sustainable development amid investments in Africa. The conference was held in Munich, March 27, 2021, with speakers joining physically and virtually from different continents.

Thank you for participating in this first edition of the SEEDS´ live-digital events. If you would like to watch the sessions again, the event is available here.











WHAt we talked 

3 hours, 5 key themes, 3 continents, over 80 participants, discussions, keynotes, and fireside chats facilitated by journalist Liz Shoo to focus on sharing, supporting, empowering, developing, and enabling unleashing potential of African entrepreneurs and leaders. Interactive exchanges through break-out sessions and chats with SEEDS moderators, Thierry Djeumo, Dr Jules Keghié, and Papdo Kouam targeted operating models for the investment in Africa, relevant incentives for better entrepreneurship, and also leveraging mentorship. The results of these exchanges, as well as the interaction through surveys and the panel discussion with Tara Méité (Afrika Verein), Prof. Solomon Agbo (Research Center Julich), Eric Ntonfo (Fiatope), Benjamin Ngongang (O'Botama), helped to collect some important quotes.






And when it comes to take action, participants mentioned a lot of obstacles that economically prevent from investing in Africa.















Certainly Prof. Solomon Agbo showed his understanding for this problematic thus he said 



The actual COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled many new business models around the world again supporting the idea that well in the midst of the biggest challenges, innovation can follow and change the course of things provided we take the right steps.

It was all about MORE

AND ALSO networking,

growing together


Join us @ SEEDS investing with your skills, finances, time as a VOLUNTEER, INVESTOR, PARTNER, or just be part of our network. LETS's GROW TOGETHER!

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“The question is not why we should we invest, but rather if we can afford not to..”



- Improving African entrepreneurship should not focus only on mentoring for knowledge transfer between African entrepreneurs and African experts acting locally as well as in the diaspora, but as summarized by Dr Jules Keghié -


- investing in promising businesses in Africa is the key to sustainable development. Due diligence is important, and as Liz Shoo mentioned, investing is definitely about taking risks. But in the end as Tara Méité once again pointed out, -

“also investing in infrastructure for education and mindset change is essential ...”

“ We know that there are a lot of challenges, but we know that all these challenges are opportunities ... it is very important for us African that we take the lead. It is our continent, it is our problem ... ”

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April 2022

NABIKO BOOT CAMP - CAMEROON, Yaoundé, 18 - 24.04.2022

SEEDS e.V. together with O'BOTAMA Yaoundé, CAMEROON