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Tips and tricks for participants (zoom)


To avoid technical issues, please log in some minutes before the start of the meeting.

Device choice

  • Taking part to a zoom session is possible via Smartphone, tablet, computer

  • For easy access to all the functionalities of this application the recommendation is to use of a computer together with a headset

Browser choice

  • It is basically possible to enable a zoom session via the browser

  • Nevertheless, the functions are limited in the browser

  • If possible, please use Chrome or Firefox (in order to be able to use as many functions as possible


Participation via browser

  • Click the Zoom invitation link (this is link will be available on the event page before the conference begin in the section "attendees")

  • Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox (reopen the link in the correct browser if necessary)

  • A pop up message opens (which wants to open the Zoom app)

  • Click "Cancel"

  • Then click on "join via your browser" (you will find the link at the bottom in the small print)

  • Your default browser will open automatically

  • You can now join the session

  • Enter your full name here or your initials 

  • The name will be displayed on your picture during the session

  • Click on "Join"

  • Agree to the terms of use if necessary

  • Now the Zoom Session opens, and you should hear and/or see the other participants


Zoom Settings

  • At the bottom left you will see a microphone and camera symbol

  • If there is NO microphone, but only a headphone symbol, you have to activate your microphone

  • Click on the headphones "Join Audio"

  • Click on "Participate in audio by computer"

  • You then have to allow it to be used

  • The same goes for the camera (click to activate, allow use)

  • Next to the microphone symbol you can use the arrow to open the audio menu

  • Here you can check whether the correct microphone and headphones are being used

  • If the meeting administrator allows it, in the menu bar you have the option of sharing a presentation using “Share Screen” 
    If you do NOT see this option, you need to use another browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)

During the zoom meeting

  • Please deactivate your microphone when other participants are talking to avoid interferences

  • If your internet connection is not stable, deactivating your camera during the meeting might help

  • Get use to digital hand raising, applause, thumbs up, and other feedback signs

  • You can use the chat function anytime for any queries

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